MWF, 55 Seeks Presidential Candidate, Prefer Experienced, But Will Train.

I am a life-long Democrat. My Mama was a Democrat; my Daddy was a Democrat; my Grandmama and Granddaddy were Democrats. Hell, I was even a Texas Democrat – although now I am that even rarer bird – a Kansas Democrat. I have NEVER voted for a Republican candidate for President and I am not about to start now.

I need a candidate. Right away. The Republicans have chosen theirs and we Dems are still in the midst of squabbling. This is not good. The Talking Heads are saying that Obama and Clinton are going to just keep at each other until one of them comes out with enough delegates… no… don’t do it guys! Really. We, Your Party, your Constituency, cannot take it. More damage to the Democratic Party will be done in the next few weeks than the Republicans can do between now and November. I realize that I am just an aging Boomer from the Midwest but here’s my suggestion:

Stop sniping at each other. Stop saying that one of you is qualified and one of you isn’t. Stop saying that one of you represents the “same old thing” and one of you represents change. The truth is BOTH of you are qualified and BOTH of you represent change. The guy that DOESN’T represent Change is John McCain and his Merry Band of Republican Brothers who want the war to continue, want to sharply curtail our rights and will continue the conservative “Values” that we have been subjected to for the past 8 years.

Please start campaigning against the REAL opposition. Frankly I’d be happy with either of you. It so happened, on the day of our caucus here in Kansas, I stood for Obama. I could have just as easily gone for Clinton. As I stood, crammed together like sardines in our neighborhood National Guard Armory, I saw a heck of a lot of middle aged and senior white women, along side the younger women and black women of all ages standing for Obama. We outnumbered the middle aged and young white women standing for Clinton by about three to one. Now, I don’t know if they made their decisions out in the sleet waiting to get in or if they had decided earlier. I do know that in talking to the people around me, what we of all ages and colors wanted was change.

Ms Clinton, Mr Obama, if/when either one of you get elected, a radical change in American leadership will occur – not only because of your gender or color, but because you stand for a different set of values than our loyal opposition. Please make sure one of you gets elected because both of you campaign against Mr. McCain. Start Now. Right Now.

© 2008


One thought on “MWF, 55 Seeks Presidential Candidate, Prefer Experienced, But Will Train.

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m so sick of the current Republican regime that it makes me want to scream, but lately the Democratic candidates are making me want to find a blunt object and beat myself over the head with it.

    WES CLARK. I wanted Wes Clark in 2004, and I wish he was back again. Yeah, he’s a white man, but he’s not a politician. I’ve met him twice, and he’s a brilliant human being who looks you clearly in the eye and gives straight answers, who made his own way through the ranks of the military while STILL maintaining his stance as a Democrat. He’s brilliant at diplomacy (which our country needs right now), and unlike both Barack and Hillary, he doesn’t come from politics. More than skin tone or gender, I think THAT might be a change of pace.

    Alas, he’s no longer an option. Hillary or Obama? *sigh* Whatever. I don’t know what to think anymore.

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