Ok So there’s Makeup too…

I am trying to find some mineral makeup I like. I have been through all the store-available crap. It all feels like I am putting sand on my face or wearing a rather sticky mask. Why is that? Are these people on the infomercials just lying? How can that be? I believed them when they said it feels like they’re wearing nothing at all. Now IF they aren’t lying (and HOW could they be because we all know that INFOMERCIALS are the best way to do product research and are thoroughly trustworthy and would never exaggerate a claim) then I haven’t found the right product. The problem is I have spent a literal fortune looking for the RIGHT STUFF. I now don’t want to try ordering sight unseen without Walgreen’s great return policy to back up my investment. I have PALE skin, with red undertones and EVERYTHING I have used thus far is too yellow. Do I want to trust my computer monitor (oh please! that is just as trustworthy as those infomercials) to render the exact color of the makeup? Maybe I am just whiny here, but I don’t like the idea of having to order a sample only to find I LOVE IT and now have to wait another week to get the full size product in and run out in the interim. Yeah. I am whining… oh well… guess I’ll give this a shot… Anyone have a suggestion?

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