So John McCain Wants Hillary Clinton’s Disenchanted Voters…

I can see why he would. There are a lot of women in particular who, according to the talking heads, wanted a woman candidate…

So what did he do? He picked Sarah Palin. Makes sense, to someone, I am sure. Not me. Certainly not me…

Hillary Clinton is a woman.

He picked a woman.

Hillary Clinton is pro-choice.

He picked a woman.

Hillary Clinton is pro-conservation.

He picked a woman.

Wow. That’s telling ’em. He picked a woman. A 44 year old woman.  So, is SHE ready to lead? Remember, she would be a heartbeat away from the presidency. Personally, I’d rather the person a heartbeat away from the presidency be Joe Biden.

If John McCain and the Republican Party thinks that the reason American women were voting for Hillary Clinton was solely gender based, they are more out of touch than I thought. Women, like African Americans, Irish-Americans, and all the other hyphenated Americans are able to make decisions that are not gender or racially or culturally based. They are intelligent, capable of making an informed decision and vote FOR people based on their ability to serve.

I am sure there are women who think Sarah Palin is “right”. I just cannot imagine that any of Hillary Clinton’s constituency will find her a reasonable substitute for Hillary Clinton thereby attracting them in droves or even in ones. Sarah Palin is straight from the Republican Base. Hillary Clinton’s constituency is straight from the Democratic Base. They aren’t going anywhere.

Obama/Biden 2008
Vote for CHANGE.

© 2008


2 thoughts on “So John McCain Wants Hillary Clinton’s Disenchanted Voters…

  1. angelic1 says:

    thank you. mccain’s showing his desperation, but it will make no difference. she’s pro-guns, pro-choice, anti-gay marriage, pro-death penalty. no experience, no foreign policy or economic platform. nothing.

  2. angelic1 says:

    one has to wonder just how vetted she was given all the drama surrounding her: her trying to get her ex-brother in law fired; her sueing the goverment for the polar bear endangered status, etc. And I’m sure there’s more. this was clearly just at attempt to get younger voters, women, and horny men!!

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