What if John McCain falls and he can’t get up?

We should all worry that maybe that has already happened….

Alaska State Representative Mike Doogan (D) who thinks that the prospect of Sarah Palin taking over the presidency is “pretty scary” said: “Either Sarah Palin has talents and skills we were not aware of, or John McCain fell down and hit his head”.

Truth be known here folks this gal scares me more than Dan Quayle — he just had spelling problems.  When the Dems talked about Kathleen Sebelius for VP I was nervous – Kansas’ population is estimated (2006) at 2,764,075 – in 2007 her annual budget was roughly $273 million…. but Alaska  with it’s 2006 estimated 670,053????  Did you know that she has governed fewer people than the mayor of Austin, Baltimore or Memphis??? Interestingly, in trying to write this entry, I attempted to access the State of Alaska Office of Management and Budget so I could compare the Alaska Budget to the Kansas Budget (nb: I got the Kansas dollar amount from the Kansas Budget office’s web page) – I get a “page cannot be found” message… huh? Not found? I am sure it is getting lots of hits today but REALLY! Not found? Maybe they should budget for a new server?

What on earth was McCain and the Republican Party thinking????

Obama/Biden 2008
Vote for CHANGE.

© 2008


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