I think I have it figured out now…

McCain, who really wanted his best friend Joe Lieberman as his running mate, cleverly chose the worst possible candidate as his running mate.  That way when the Eagleton-factor clicks in, and it already has my friends, he can switch to someone else.  The Republican base would have had a fit last week if he’d chosen Lieberman.  After all this guy is “just” a moderate Democrat in Independent’s clothing.  But this week…. this week Lieberman looks like the savior of the Republican Party.  With all the *-gates that Palin has generated in just two days, Lieberman can now swoop in and be nominated to replace the “problem” Palin.  The Republican base won’t be hopping-mad or even irritated by the switch to the guy McCain wanted in the first place.  Why? Because compared to the soap opera that is the Palin-problem, a Democrat-in-Independent’s clothing is a refreshingly wacky 1960s Disney comedy starring Fred McMurry as the confused Democrat and Jimmy Stewart as the confused Republican.

© 2008



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