Community Organizers and American Values

Sorry, I changed my mind about posting on Sarah’ budget cuts.  This particular Daily Kos diary is so wonderful I am just saying go there now and read it.  Hurry.  We’ll wait for you.

Ok now do you feel better?  I have been depressed all day because of the sarcastic snarkyness displayed last night.

So I have another place for you to check:  on Tikkun.  Again, I’ll wait here.

Ok.  Now that you are up to speed, let me say this, and my apologies to anyone who already read my comment on Mudflats:

the upshot of the article is this:

“Democrats, being Democrats, will mostly talk about the realities nonstop without paying attention to the dimensions of values and symbolism. Democrats, in addition, need to call an extremist an extremist: to shine a light on the shared anti-democratic ideology of McCain and Palin, the same ideology shared by Bush and Cheney. They share values antithetical to our democracy. That needs to be said loud and clear, if not by the Obama campaign itself, then by the rest of us who share democratic American values.”

People, this is a call to action… we are all smart and articulate writers. Perhaps we do not have the platforms that some have, but as this particular blog (Mudflats) shows platforms change, even when they are built on mudflats. If you don’t have a blog, get one. Write about McCain & Palin = Bush & Cheney. Write about their assault on the democracy we all hold dear. Forget the “FACTS” for a while. Facts like the US is a republic and not a democracy, or that Palin and McCain lie when the truth would do better. Hammer in to the symbolic worth of our shared Democratic Values, cry out “Extremist” when you see an extremist. Ask who would better serve the American Dream? Sadly, it is not “facts” that win elections – otherwise Al Gore would just be leaving office and this would be a vastly different race, not to mention country.

We have a voice. We must use it. Not just here [on Mudflats], where it is safe and we mostly all agree… but, to use the Alaskan vernacular we’ve all learned so recently, “outside” (NB: Alaskans refer to out-of-state as “outside”.)

We must keep at this.

As another commenter on Mudflats said:

“Jesus was a Community Organizer, and Pontius Pilate was a Governor.”

© 2008
Vote Obama/Biden 2008
Vote for CHANGE!!!


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