Of Vice Presidential Candidates and Small Town Librarians

Good Morning.  We’re just waking up after watching the love fest last night.  I am sure that the Repubs felt the same way when they were watching (well, ok, IF they were watching) the Dems last week.  Last night was hard to take.  After spending the week since Sarah Palin became John McCain’s pinch hitter, researching who this woman is and why we would even want to consider her for John McCain’s backup, I had a hard time paying attention to her.

She reminded me of former Texas senator Phil Gramm.  Froggy Phil I call him… he always reminded me of a frog.  The worst part about Froggy Phil for me was his smarmy smirk and his condescending attitude toward anyone who wasn’t a Conservative Republican.  For me, this was a problem with most Republicans – they were smirking, condescending, elitists who really didn’t care about human beings.  In recent years, I have been gratified to see a number of Republicans wipe the smirking smarm off their faces and realize that attitude doesn’t really win friends and influence people.  I have been gratified to find that there are some Republicans with concern for the public’s well-being.  I equated that smirking, snarky attitude to Ronald Reagan.  Reagan often adopted that superior smirk when he didn’t want to discuss some anti-human, anti-middle-class subject.  It became the  trickle-down smirk.  Republicans all over the place adopted it.  Well, after Reagan withdrew from public life and became an icon of the order of George Washington, that smirk disappeared – for a while – well, off of everyone except Tom DeLay.  Well, folks, iiiiittttssss bbbaaaakkkkk!!  We saw it last night on the face of the “new Republican”. Sarah Palin showed us the new smirk.  She was smirking and condescending and indeed really showed us who she is.  Thing is, she doesn’t have anything to be superior about.

As the mayor of Wasilla, she guided somewhere between 4600 and 7000 (depending on where you get your stats).  And what guidance!!!  She went after Wasilla’s librarian because the librarian refused to discuss baninng
books.  (see New York Times’ article regarding this issue) She fired the librarian and the chief of police because they didn’t fully support her efforts as Mayor.  It appears that the librarian took umbrage with banning books.  Not sure what the Chief did – Who knows.  Anyway, she was almost (but not quite, too bad) recalled for this blatant abuse of power.

Now, the librarian did keep her job – makes one wonder if she put the evolution books under lock and key – they used to keep the controversial books in my junior high school that way – as a library assistant I got to read books by Joseph Heller because I had access to the key.  The reporting in the  Anchorage Daily News for September 1,  1997 indicates that the controversy was over merging the Library and the Museum.  The police chief though? Out.  With no explanation.  Just out.  Well, I would suggest that the reason was because both openly supported her opponent, as reported in the same article.

None of the major news outlets have a list of the books she wanted banned.  A poster to a library blog (Librarian.net) offers a list of books, but there is no confirmation of that list as “THE” list.  (9/5/08 NB:  this list on Librarian.net is a list that actually comes from a different website regarding banned books.  To date there is no “list” of books produced.  Most likely the list of books doesn’t exist because the librarian was approached as to “how” to have a book removed.) That said, interestingly, one of the books I slipped out of the locked room in my junior high school is on that list — Catch-22 by Joseph Heller.  So is Death of a Salesman, books by Judy Blume, Brave New World, books by Maya Angelou, of course Huckleberry Finn, My Friend Flicka, Catcher in the Rye, Twelfth Night, and (strangely) the Dictionary and so on… the usual subjects.  The locked up books in my junior high took up no more than three library shelves.  The reason my 13 year old brain came up with that these books were imprisioned was because they had “adult” subject matter in them – I decided that after reading Catch-22 and then passing it on to my Mom to read.  Huckleberry Finn, Catcher in the Rye, and the Dictionary were all on the open shelves in my junior high.  I wonder where they are today.  If every book that had controversial information in it were locked up, the main library would be those three shelves and the locked library would be the huge room at the end of the first floor hall.

Who is this woman who decides that certain books can’t be on the town library shelves?  Do we want that kind of leadership in Washington? There is far more at stake in Washington than Wasilla.

Let’s stop her now.


Vote Obama/Biden 2008
Turn your Red state Blue


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