I am an Angry White Woman

I am over fifty.  I am over-educated.  I am angry at the way this country has been run for the last 8 years. I am the woman that the MSM thought was going to a) support Hillary Clinton ( I did not, see Turn Your Red State Purple) and b) leave for McCain/Palin in droves.  Well, the migration to McCain didn’t happen.  As reported in HuffPo by Anna Greenberg, the vote migration was to John McCain by white men.  McCain received a 10 point bump right after his convention in the white male demographic.  This seems to me to speak more toward white man racism than woman sexism (yes, women can be sexist and it is just as sexist to suggest that women will vote based on gender as it is to suggest that women vote for men because they are good looking!).  According to Greenberg, 83% of women for Hillary now support Obama (oh 17%… do you really want the Pitbull in Lipstick to be president?  You know that is where this is headed… Statistically, McCain has one foot on a banana peel and the other… well… you know… in his mouth.  BTW, did you know that the average age in the US for widowhood is 54… take a wild guess at Cindy McCain’s age at her last birthday… I personally don’t like the stats… )

In an earlier article on the same subject, Greenberg discussed blue collar women and their support of McCain. “Obama’s real struggle is with white blue collar women voters — the same group that challenged Kerry. Currently, Obama trails McCain among white women without a college education by 19 points, 37 to 56 percent; according to Democracy Corps, Kerry lost these women by the exact same margin, 40 to 59 percent.” I can see where Sarah Palin will appeal to this demographic.  She appears “real”.  In teaching college courses on theatre, one of the most common statements I heard about plays my students were required to see had to do with their perceived “realness” of the play.  The more “real” the more they accepted the message.  The more “unreal” … and “unreal” in this context means complex, abstract or subjects outside of the student’s experience… the less these students were able to relate, and thus, the less they “liked” the production (NB: these were theatre courses for non-majors, most of whom were freshmen or sophomores).  Now, if an election campaign is not a piece of political theatre, I don’t know what is.  Back to Sarah Palin.  She appears “real”.  She, like George W Bush is one of those people “regular” people would “like” to have a beer or a prayer with… She has a carefully crafted public image making her appear to be “like us”.  She is “not elite” (although in my opinion that is arguable), presenting herself as “just” a hockey mom.  She comes off like your next door neighbor or the cashier at the grocery store.

I don’t want “just” a hockey mom, or “just” a little league dad to be president or vice president.  My neighbor doesn’t know any more than I do about running a country.  The cashier at the grocery store may have a good grasp of what it costs to feed a family, but that is where her economic knowledge ends (unless, like in my town people with college degrees have to take jobs at the grocery store to be able to have a job.)  I want someone who has studied the issues and has a plan.  I don’t want someone who thinks that because, on a clear day, on a tiny spit of land, in the middle of the ocean, property that belongs to the US can see property in Russia to be in charge of the nuclear codes.

Let me put this another way… to those of you who think that she would make a good president (because that is highly likely and that is what she is interviewing for) think back to a time in school, when you hadn’t done the reading and you got asked a question by the teacher and how difficult a moment that was for you.  Got it…. ok now, go an look at the Charles Gibson interview (minute marker 7:52) when he asks her about the Bush Doctrine… you don’t need to know what the Bush Doctrine is to know that she doesn’t know what the hell he was talking about.  Do you want that person in charge of the nuclear codes?  I do care if Obama is not your cup of tea, I am not going to say that I don’t but if you cannot vote for him for what ever reasons, vote for Ron Paul a fine conservative, Constitutionalist Libertarian and a man with years of experience in government.  Vote for Bob Barr, a Libertarian with years of experience.  I want Obama to win yes… but more than a win for Obama, I DON’T want Sarah Palin to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

© 2008
Vote Obama/Biden 2008
Vote for Change we CAN Believe in!


6 thoughts on “I am an Angry White Woman

  1. theavidpenguin says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Looking back on my posts, the focus is more “don’t vote for McCain/Palin” than it is “vote for Obama”. Obama gives me hope and has my vote, but it is more that I’m scared shitless by the prospect of another Bush-type presidency. I don’t understand how people don’t see through this stuff.

    Check me out- us thinking people have to stick together.

    they don’t see through it because they don’t want to…they are blinded by their own “rightness”…some would argue the same is true of Dems…thing is, Dems are actually self-aware, Republicans are not, they are only aware of what they are told to be aware of — witness Sarah Palin’s Crash Course in Being a Good Vice Presidential Candidate Charlieee — swineprincess

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It is puzzling that people don’t take the time to find out what is ‘real’.

    In the spirit of full disclosure we are voting 3rd Party this year. You also have Nader and the Green Party this year.

    Yikes! Say it ain’t so Bitter! I voted 3rd party once, Ronald Reagan was the result of that election. Never again for me!

  3. krmb says:

    Thanks, Swine Princess. Thanks for your insightful comments. Thanks for making your readers think about who they are and what sort of country they want to live in. And thanks for linking from your great blog to our humble one.

    I am notoriously un-political. I dated a guy once who was really into it, and it ruined me forever. So, I almost go out of my way to avoid politics. But this whole Hurricane Ike thing has me so incensed that I can’t stay silent. And I guess that’s what getting involved in politics is all about.

    Anyway, thank you. You flatter us with your inclusion of us on your blogroll, and you challenge us to be better Americans.

    ~MB of The Daily KRuMB

    Thank you for stopping by and thanks for your kind words. I haven’t been this politically vocal in ages… back in Texas actually. Houston is my home dirt and I hurt for the folks down there. It was bad enough watching Katrina — this is killing me. My brother says his street looks like a tunnel of downed trees… I have been trying for days to get an entry in about the mess being made down there and have been so spitting mad I can’t string together a coherent rant! keep coming back and if you really want a “great” blog as opposed to MY humble little blog, go to Mudflats, that is where I found not only great information but an incredible community of completely committed people.

  4. krmb says:

    Unlike my dear wife, I am not “notoriously un-political” although I’m not nearly as active as I probably should be. My inactivity comes from fear, however, more than non-desire. I work in an ultra-conservative environment for an ultra right wing boss (who, ironically, is also one of my best friends). But, in this age of decreasing and diminishing personal freedoms and rights, I fear for my words & political stances, if made public, could cause unrest within the workplace. So, I remain, mostly, silent. That’s what my country has done for me. Made me afraid. I applaud you for standing up, making your voice heard, and being the voice of people who can’t otherwise do so for themselves. I have added your RSS feed to my reader, and look forward to many more insightful reading.
    ~KR of The Daily KRuMB

    Oh! I just got your blog’s name!!! hah! good one. I do understand about the fear. I have worked in a number of places that I felt I had to reign myself in. Now, I have, quite honestly resigned myself to the notion that there is an enemies list somewhere with my name on it. The consolation is that I am in good company. My dad, who was thoroughly paranoid due to the McCarthy commie hunts of the 1950s instilled a healthy sense of paranoia in me. At this point in my life there is something to be said for being “of a certain age” and unemployed…and just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not all out to get you. Thanks for adding me in!

  5. Fiona says:

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’m Canadian and as you may have noticed, I don’t spend a great deal of time focusing on our politics on my blog. That is, unless of course it’s to publicly publish a blistering email sent to my MP (Minister of Parliament) or the Prime Minister’s office.:)

    That said, I have taken a lot of flak for sticking my nose in business that some feel is not mine, ie: U.S. politics and support for Palestine. As far as the first one goes, were I live is firmly sandwiched between Alaska and the rest of the mainland United States giving me a rather unique perspective (I remember the B52’s making their daily excursions up the coastline). You are our number one trading partner. Ottawa has become insignificant and tends to follow Washington’s lead on most things, and my Prime Minister is an idiot who will very likely be re-elected, so needs a sane guiding hand from the White House.

    On the Palestine issue, again I feel I have a unique perspective. I was born to a “mixed” family, and it’s only recently that my mother has stopped using the tired refrain “Poor Israel”. Bottom line in my world is: No one has the right to treat the Palestinians as they have been for the last 60 plus years. Period.

    I know there are those that say that Canadians and others need to keep their foreign noses out of US business… I am not one of those and am really pleased to see the international interest on places like Mudflats. Keep posting your opinions… the international opinion of the US is very important and is rarely heard here.

  6. jacobsjohnson says:

    it is not likely that palin would be president in this term or the next. i have to correct all of you who say palin is a heartbeat away from the presidency it’s more like she’s a missed heartbeat away from the presidency.

    John McCain is 72.1 years old, average life expectancy for American men is 75.2 years. Additionally average life expectancy post Melanoma surgery is 10 years. It has been 8 years since McCain’s melanoma. Now, if I were an insurance actuary, I wouldn’t bet on McCain being around another 4 years, much less 8.

    And while you are right it is a “missed” heartbeat… the vernacular turn of phrase that has always been used in reference to the Vice President for this candidate or any other President, has been “a heartbeat away from the Presidency.”

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