Fear Factor: The Religious Right, Republicans and Why You Should Care

I woke up this morning thinking I should write something on the religious fervor in the Republican party and this election.  Then I went over to our friends at Mudflatland and found that others were thinking about the subject themselves.

The more I think about this subject the more I see I cannot cover it well in one small post… so here’s the plan, taking a page from Arkangel3 and Arn, aka Cartoon Pig Dog, I am going to do this in three or four installments.  The first “real” post will come later today probably more like Monday now! Sorry, the opening of the new Mudflats Forum has delayed my writing tasks!.

The beginnings of all this has to do with three posters @Mudflats (thanks to Jade, White Agate and Proud2B) who mentioned that Sarah has been compared recently to the biblical character Esther.  Now, this is interesting, because there are a lot of holes in that theory and I will attempt to shoot straws through as many as I can find.  More interesting though is the notion that people like Hal Lindsey are thinking that the nomination of Obama is just another road sign on the way to Armageddon, and there are places where is is almost gleeful about it — almost as though he’d like to see an Obama presidency just because it would bring us that much closer to the end of days — almost but not quite.  He really cannot bring himself to say this and that at least speaks to what is left of his ethics.

September 24, 2008 4:00 p.m.

Hi, folks.  Just wanted to apologize for the tease… I really do intend to write about this subject soon, but looks like I am sort of “other directed” right now with different concerns… today I see the threat level as coming from vastly different sources… please read some of my other pieces… you’ll see. Until then, let me just say that I’ll get back to you on this… thanks for stopping by!

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5 thoughts on “Fear Factor: The Religious Right, Republicans and Why You Should Care

  1. Fiona says:

    I’m starting to think that the so-called “religious right” of the Republican Party are willing to do and say whatever it takes to get what they want: the votes, the power, the money and the control. I honestly don’t think they are believers any more than I am and I’m an atheist, they’re just pandering to those who are.

    The to-do over Sarah Palin and her church is really quite sad. Is it only me, or does anyone else see a power-hungry individual, willing to do whatever it takes, including lie, manipulate and connive her way into winning the big prize. She and many others of the Republican Party remind me a little of Hitler’s cabinet. Very few of them actually believed that the Jews were really responsible for the woes of the German people, but they chose to go along for the ride, and became very powerful, wealthy people because of it. Then again, we all know what happened to the Third Reich in the long run, don’t we.

  2. Fiona says:

    Hey dig me, I’m hoggin’ the comment space!:) I just wanted to mention that I’m a bit of a history buff, particularly regarding the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Third Reich. For the last 9 years or so, I’ve had the unsettling feeling I’ve been watching some of the most notorious history of our human existence repeat itself.

  3. Funny that Fiona should mention the Roman empire. That was the mightiest military force on Earth, but they made a little mistake, they sent their armies out and expanded their territory. Then they needed to send and keep more and more forces in other countries in order to maintain their control over the population, spreading their forces so thin that they were left virtually unprotected at home, and they were defeated by a comparitively small group of untrained barbarians.
    Hmmm,, fiona was right, that sounds a lot like a country I know (and live in).

  4. arkangel3 says:

    All you guys are right on the money. Sooner or later you come across a people who will not submit or be subjugated; Hadrian had a wee bit of a problem with the Saxons, Picts, and Celts. Have we reached that point where the Arabs are doing the same?

    Moreover, have we realized that with the fall of Empire comes “payback”, usually in the form of subjugation? Just some food for thought.

  5. Palmdale, CA says:

    Well, here’s another over-educated, over 50 (actually over 60) white woman who wasn’t taken in. And I, too am a history buff who’s seeing more comparisons to the latter days of the Roman Empire and the rise of Nazism than I ever thought I’d see here in the USA. I came over here via arkangle3’s blog, and see several fellow Mudflatters.

    One of the many current trends that both depresses and frightens me is the barely concealed hatred and bigotry and the elevation of ignorance that characterizes the members of the religious right, of fundamentalists regardless of which religion spawned them. I invite you to come on over to my WordPress blog More Light Than Heat. I recently posted my own statement of belief and values.

    I wonder if I’m alone in seeing comparisons to our celebration of sport and veneration of such shows as American Idol and the games at the Circus Maximus and the blood sports at the Roman Colessium in addition to the parallel of similarly overextended military forces. At least the Romans didn’t try to pretend that they were other than an empire.

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