She’s Baaak! And with more Scary Stuff about your First Amendment Rights

Hey and Long time no Type, eh?

I cannot and won’t begin to tell you why I’ve been off my blog for so long.  Just suffice to say, I’ve been busy.  But today.  Yes, today,  I hooked into the You-Tube front page and there, first vid on the list, was this:

I had to get out my soap box and dust it off once more.  I have, for a while now, become more and more dissatisfied with the man I backed so staunchly for President.  I was, during the previous administration and election cycle scared by Naomi Wolf.  This time, I am scared by Anderson Cooper (and yes I do know what can of worms that opens up on comments!).

Let us not forget on this Independence Day eve, that freedom isn’t free, it isn’t a gift and it isn’t always going to be there.  Freedom is something we have to fight for, protect and be ever vigilant on behalf of.

To paraphrase Ben Franklin, freedom is ours “if we can keep it”.  Right now we aren’t doing such a good job.

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