In a Perfect World…

In a perfect world, especially one we left behind a couple of years ago, one believes in important political “stuff” and continues to believe that “stuff” until one dies.  This is the “My Daddy was a Democrat, my Daddy’s Daddy was a Democrat and my Daddy’s Daddy’s Daddy was a Democrat” line of thinking.

I was that.  My family had always been Democrats.  My parents were invited to the Inauguration of Lyndon Johnson because of their hard work campaigning, donating and generally being “good Democrats”.  I was, at one time a Democratic Precinct Chair in Houston – fifteen years, until I moved from Houston to Kansas.  I was proud of my service then and I am still proud of that service.  I worked well with my Republican counterpart – we made sure that, according to the rules, each party was represented equally when the polls opened their doors every single time there was an election – big or small – National or Local – we were there – donuts and coffee in one hand – poll lists in the other  – figuratively, of course.

If you have ever read any of my previous posts, particularly those before the Presidential election, you may well and rightly assume that I was a Democrat during that election.  I am also proud of that – I believed in what we accomplished – the election of the right person for President.

And today?  Well.  I am sad.  I believe that someone somewhere along the way from then – 2008 – to now – 2010 – someone hijacked the President I believed I elected.  I know there are those who would say that he wasn’t hijacked – this was who he was all along.  Maybe. Maybe you are right.  In one sense, that really doesn’t matter – what matters is that right here, right now, he is doing some things that most of us – We the People – don’t want him and the rest of the government to do – and more importantly, some of those really important promises made when talking about Change We Can Believe In, didn’t happen.

Oh change happened all right.  Change that has caused a huge problem in the financial world, the economic world, and at my front door.  But it is NOT the Change I thought I was signing up for way back in 2008.

I wanted something different – a better version of the USofA – an upheld Constitution – honoring our Declaration of Independence – honesty in government – jobs.  Not billions in cash printed and handed out to corporations and institutions deemed “too big to fail”.

I have big news for all the Minions out there — we’re all “too big to fail” even the minimum wage earners – why? because if We the People don’t have jobs, and thereby earn money, we don’t spend money and then, after a while, no one has a job – we’ve all failed.

The shock of all this is that I used to believe that our President and our Congress and our Supreme Court could and, more importantly, would do something right and for US – We The People –  and now I don’t.  I am not sure we can recover from this.  The shock is too great.

Many still say that 9/11 was a wake-up call for America.  That we came out of our long sleep and realized that “they” were out to get “US”.  Perhaps for The Powers that Be, it was – I mean – TPTB took us to war over it.  But for the rest of We the People – well – we went back to sleep – hopeful that TPTB would take care of things as they always have – and they did.  Only now that we are awakening once more, we are seeing that TPTB’s new clothes are, well, not there. We are beginning to understand that the way “they” take care of things are not the way we WANT them to take care of things.  Unfortunately, along the way, they took away some of those inalienable rights that our Declaration of Independence talks about -abrogated rights afforded by our Constitution.  Many of the liberties we assumed were ours are going, going or gone.  We could make a list of the ones most important to us – like the right not to be touched in public by a uniformed person wearing latex gloves – or better – the right not to have our minor children touched in public by unformed persons wearing latex gloves.  Everyone in that little scenario is a victim.  Us, the kids, and even the uniformed person (remember, our ire at their action creates a hostile work environment for them – and if you think they’ll make a difference by refusing to grope us, well there are others to step into their jobs after they are fired for not doing their job – personally I’d rather have the person who doesn’t want to be searching me or my kid doing the searching over the one who does want to do it.)

So now what?

I have more to say – you knew I would – but for now, I will refer you back to a couple of articles I wrote when that Other President was in charge and things seemed so scary:

Naomi Wolf Scared Me


Habeas Corpus

Years ago, in a political science class I took, at night, at University of Houston, the professor required a particular book of us called The People Shall Judge it was a good book – the fact that I still remember a textbook used so long ago just speaks to that – but more importantly, every time she would finish a discussion of some right of the government to govern us – We The People – she would say, “Who shall judge?” then pause for dramatic affect and finish with, “The people shall judge.”

Let us remember that We The People have freedom only when we work to keep it.

© 2010


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