About the SwinePrincess

Ok, here it is – the only and last word on who I am and why I call myself the SwinePrincess.

I have two words here not often associated “swine” and “princess” – you may think that is because I have a pig farm or something equally mundane – it is not.  I don’t have a pig farm but I am a Princess – I know this because that is what my Daddy used to call me – Princess.  I have through the rest of my life believed myself to be a Princess because my Daddy told me so.  Ok so that’s just silly.  So what.  When I fell on hard times and wasn’t able to live the way my Daddy had supported me, I was miserable – ok from time to time I felt sorry for myself – I wasn’t really miserable.  We all feel sorry for ourselves from time to time, right?

As for the “swine” portion of the name, well my Mom used to say the good old statement “when pigs fly”.  I always liked the idea of pigs flying – it meant that something magical had happened.  So a flying pig was just wonderous.  Pig=swine.

One day, I needed a handle on the Mudflats forum and The SwinePrincess was born.

© 2010


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