I am an Angry White Woman

I am over fifty.  I am over-educated.  I am angry at the way this country has been run for the last 8 years. I am the woman that the MSM thought was going to a) support Hillary Clinton ( I did not, see Turn Your Red State Purple) and b) leave for McCain/Palin in droves.  Well, the migration to McCain didn’t happen.  As reported in HuffPo by Anna Greenberg, the vote migration was to John McCain by white men.  McCain received a 10 point bump right after his convention in the white male demographic.  This seems to me to speak more toward white man racism than woman sexism (yes, women can be sexist and it is just as sexist to suggest that women will vote based on gender as it is to suggest that women vote for men because they are good looking!).  According to Greenberg, 83% of women for Hillary now support Obama (oh 17%… do you really want the Pitbull in Lipstick to be president?  You know that is where this is headed… Statistically, McCain has one foot on a banana peel and the other… well… you know… in his mouth.  BTW, did you know that the average age in the US for widowhood is 54… take a wild guess at Cindy McCain’s age at her last birthday… I personally don’t like the stats… )

In an earlier article on the same subject, Greenberg discussed blue collar women and their support of McCain. “Obama’s real struggle is with white blue collar women voters — the same group that challenged Kerry. Currently, Obama trails McCain among white women without a college education by 19 points, 37 to 56 percent; according to Democracy Corps, Kerry lost these women by the exact same margin, 40 to 59 percent.” I can see where Sarah Palin will appeal to this demographic.  She appears “real”.  In teaching college courses on theatre, one of the most common statements I heard about plays my students were required to see had to do with their perceived “realness” of the play.  The more “real” the more they accepted the message.  The more “unreal” … and “unreal” in this context means complex, abstract or subjects outside of the student’s experience… the less these students were able to relate, and thus, the less they “liked” the production (NB: these were theatre courses for non-majors, most of whom were freshmen or sophomores).  Now, if an election campaign is not a piece of political theatre, I don’t know what is.  Back to Sarah Palin.  She appears “real”.  She, like George W Bush is one of those people “regular” people would “like” to have a beer or a prayer with… She has a carefully crafted public image making her appear to be “like us”.  She is “not elite” (although in my opinion that is arguable), presenting herself as “just” a hockey mom.  She comes off like your next door neighbor or the cashier at the grocery store.

I don’t want “just” a hockey mom, or “just” a little league dad to be president or vice president.  My neighbor doesn’t know any more than I do about running a country.  The cashier at the grocery store may have a good grasp of what it costs to feed a family, but that is where her economic knowledge ends (unless, like in my town people with college degrees have to take jobs at the grocery store to be able to have a job.)  I want someone who has studied the issues and has a plan.  I don’t want someone who thinks that because, on a clear day, on a tiny spit of land, in the middle of the ocean, property that belongs to the US can see property in Russia to be in charge of the nuclear codes.

Let me put this another way… to those of you who think that she would make a good president (because that is highly likely and that is what she is interviewing for) think back to a time in school, when you hadn’t done the reading and you got asked a question by the teacher and how difficult a moment that was for you.  Got it…. ok now, go an look at the Charles Gibson interview (minute marker 7:52) when he asks her about the Bush Doctrine… you don’t need to know what the Bush Doctrine is to know that she doesn’t know what the hell he was talking about.  Do you want that person in charge of the nuclear codes?  I do care if Obama is not your cup of tea, I am not going to say that I don’t but if you cannot vote for him for what ever reasons, vote for Ron Paul a fine conservative, Constitutionalist Libertarian and a man with years of experience in government.  Vote for Bob Barr, a Libertarian with years of experience.  I want Obama to win yes… but more than a win for Obama, I DON’T want Sarah Palin to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

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Turn your Red State Purple?

Kansas is a Red State — yes — it is — Well… is it? We have 4 representatives in the House — two are Democrats and 2 are Republicans… does that make us Purple? Visit us again Mr. Obama — Purple may become your favorite color! Purple? Yeah… you know… Red and Blue makes Purple. Kansas may be a Red State but it is tinged with Blue.

Four years ago, August 5, 2004, when the Kerry/Edwards train rolled through Lawrence, KS in the middle of the night, passing by a little over a hundred Blue Kansans waiting in the dark for their candidates, it was a wakeup call to us well, ok, die-hard Kansas Democrats. It was a slap…a splash of cold water that basically said, “Kansas is a Red state and we don’t really care whether there are Democrats there or not.” Thanks to Elizabeth Edwards looking out the window of the train as they sped through the Lawrence train station, John Edwards came back a couple of days later to a crowd so large that they couldn’t get everyone (easily 2-3000) into Abe & Jakes (capacity there is only 740 and one of the two non-KU large indoor venues in town). I remember trying to get in to Abe & Jakes. It had been raining all morning and they’d moved the rally from a park to Abe & Jakes… my spouse had worked in the building and knew some back ways in – we managed to get on a balcony (where were the Secret Service???) and stand outside the bar and watch through a window. It was one of the best days of my political life – I put it up there with going to the airport when I was a kid to meet Lyndon Johnson as he arrived on a campaign tour of Texas.

Fast forward 4 years. Now it is mid-June 2008, and we are again hoping for a Democratic president. The difference in Kansas is that there are now more Democrats… we are turning our Red State Blue! Yesterday (June 10th), with the end of filing, we have more than doubled the number of Democrats filing for office and contesting Republican-held seats. We may not yet be Blue but we are moving toward it on the color wheel. This is exciting for me – a life-long Democrat. I have never had the pleasure of living in a state known for being Blue – I moved here from another Red state – Texas. Now that I live in Kansas, we’re not on the “A” list of states to visit because we’re not a critical-must-win-state. We’re small, statistically insignificant, and we’re Red…not a good combination for attracting Democratic Presidential Candidates.

Back in late January, Mr Obama visited small-town Kansas when he went to Eldorado before heading on to Kansas City, Missouri and the Missouri primary. Even though it was a photo op to place the candidate in a more “Midwestern” light, it was good that he did that for the local Democratic base, and, who knows, maybe it made a difference in his showing at the Kansas Primary. February 5th was a cold, wet and nasty night (the rain was turning to sleet as we stood in line) and still better than 6 times the number of people expected showed up. From my point of view, most were for Obama… including a fascinating phenomenon: middle age white women turning away from our sister Hilary and standing with the Obama crowd. It was the most diverse crowd I have EVER seen in my little corner of Kansas. In retrospect, I am going to believe that Obama’s visit to Eldorado a few days before fired up the Kansas Constituency and we came out in force. I wish it were true in my case but it wasn’t – I voted for Obama because that was who I was for THAT DAY. Even so, we Kansas Democrats are working to turn our Red state Blue. We may never make it but we can surely make this state Purple (as in “bruised”) and I believe that is actually a good thing. BUT we need help… we need infusions of energy… like the visit of a candidate to show that Kansas Democrats aren’t in this alone.

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